Branding Package Dashboard

If you have any questions about branding package items, please reach out to Michael Carroll at [email protected].


Sponsored Digital Ads

There are three types of sponsored digital ads. Before submitting your ads, please review the size requirements for each type below.

SOCU Website Home Page Ad
2560 pixels wide x 621 pixels tall, JPG or PNG only (Optional: Website URL)

Onsite Event App Rotating Banner Ad
950 pixels wide x 380 pixels tall, JPG or PNG only (Optional: Website URL)

Virtual Onsite Guide Ad
2550 pixels wide x 3300 pixels tall, 8.5×11 PDF ONLY, no crop marks/no bleed

Note: We are unable to resize any ads that are submitted the wrong size. Please make sure the pixel ratio is correct before submitting!

Submit Your Digital Ads Here

Sponsored Email Blast

SOCU can send a Sponsored Email Blast to all attendees on your behalf. Your company would be responsible for providing the raw HTML for the email blast, and SOCU would sent it out from [email protected] on your behalf. An email blast could include things like:

  • Your Company Logo & Name
  • A company description or message
  • Call to action to visit your booth
  • A link to your website
  • Information about a special promotion or giveaway during the conference
  • Video or images
Submit Your Email Blast Here

Sponsored Push Notification

Push Notifications show up as a pop up messages on the SOCU 2022 Onsite App.

Push Notifications must be plain text, and less than 500 characters. Push Notifications are clickable and will link to your company website.

View A Sample Push NotificationSubmit Your Push Notification Here

Sponsored Event Feed Posts

These posts appear on the SOCU 2022 mobile app event feed. Think of this like a social media post, but for the conference app. Attendees can comment on and like these posts.

  • Text Caption (Plain text only, limit 500 characters)
  • Image (JPG or PNG only, 500 pixels by 500 pixels)
  • Website URL (optional)
View A Sample Event Feed PostSubmit Your Event Feed Post Here

Additional Items

Your SOCU Branding Package also includes the following:

  • Company logo featured on onsite digital signage
  • Company logo and information featured in SOCU blog post
  • Company logo featured in “Thank You Sponsors” social media post

There is NO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION OR ASSETS you need to submit for these items. SOCU will take care of developing and deploying these items.