The Skin of Color Seminar Series (SOCSS) is the largest CE event dedicated to trending evidence-based research and new practical pearls for treating skin types III – VI. Each year, esteemed faculty provide attendees with fresh, practical pearls that are immediately useful in their practice.

In 2017, co-chairs Eliot Battle, MD and Andrew Alexis, MD gave their insight on everything from PIH to Lasers and everything in between.

3 Practical Pearls from Dr. Eliot Battle:

  1. Don’t rely on most parameters supplied by the laser manufacturers.  Treat more conservatively. Minimize erythema or edema.
  2. Inconsistent laser treatments on skin of color include: Vascular Lasers,  IPL (on Skin Type V & VI) and Resurfacing Lasers (on Skin Type V & VI).
  3. When treating patient with skin of color, stay under the erythema threshold. Longer wavelengths, lower fluences, longer pulse durations, maximize cooling. Skin Cooling – Thermal side effects happens when the epidermis heats up > 45 degrees. Treat all Skin of Color patients at max. of 1 hertz.

3 Practical Pearls from Dr. Andrew Alexis:

  1. Ethnicity does not predict skin color.
  2. Given that PIH can occur as a sequela of acne itself, or as a complication of treatment, treatment regimens must not only be aggressive enough to reduce inflammation and other pathogenic factors, but also well tolerated so that irritation is avoided.
  3. Daily hair washing, especially with most prescription shampoos, is often associated with increased hair dryness and breakage; it is also very time consuming for most women of African descent due to common styling practices.